Branding & Visual Identity

Though not our first branding job, it’s (in our opinion) the most important one.

Athene Creative was named after the Greek Goddess Athena. As the Goddess of creativity, art, wisdom, logic, and victory through strategy it was an easy pick. And the creation myth of Athena springing forth from a man’s headache, ready for battle certainly didn’t go unnoticed in the choice.

The owl is Athena’s symbol and the grace, beauty, and swiftness of the bird was only fitting for our logo. The color palette was also chosen from the Athena mythos: bronze for her shield, grey for her eyes, blue for clarity, purple for wisdom, and green for ambition, strategy, & success.

Confections of a Cake was a smaller client who wanted an elaborate logo for their business.

Focused on wedding cake in particular, the client stated they wanted a grand and breathtaking look. These were her favorites.