Editorial & Publication Design

The Combat Tracker and Initiative Tracker sets were created as a tool for Dungeon Masters using D&D 5th Edition and similar rulesets to easily manage common information during sessions. These were made available to the public for free via the DMGuild

Short for Music and Gaming Festival, MAGFest is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the celebration, education, and preservation of games and gaming culture. Their flagship event, Super MAGFest, is held annually at the Gaylord National Harbor. Each year’s event theme is inspired by a game franchise that has significantly impacted the industry in some form. In 2023, Sarah was commissioned to provide a cohesive Style Guide to help the event’s theming stay unified throughout the dozens of departments and give guidance for its hundreds of volunteer staff, panelists, and fanbase to create assets. An unexpected result was the local hotels were able to use the provided guide and assets to decorate their lobbies for the event.

Sometimes projects aren’t exactly flashy and fun. But that doesn’t make them any less important. Always Best Care in Richmond, VA asked for a simple and clean employee handbook for their new hires. The client was very focused on limiting the design to remain streamlined and without distraction.